Social Service Program

The Social Service Program provides support for our elderly residents by providing health-related assistance and monitoring. The program has been in existence for over twenty years at no cost to our residents. A NJ State Registered Nurse directs the program. The Social Service Program is the result of the administration recognizing that elderly residents have significant health concerns and that health-related assistance and monitoring improves and enhances their lives. The registered nurse is support personnel for the Congregate Services Program (CSP).

The RN maintains an extended referral and information system to help with outplacement of residents in need of extended care. She works cooperatively with local physicians, hospital staff, and local agencies in a comprehensive effort to serve the health-related needs of our residents.

Health-related services assist the ill and frail residents living at our elderly/disabled sites. These services include a weekly blood pressure clinic at each site, health assessments, family counseling, client observation through home visits, and monitoring of medications for those who need such assistance. The RN has an “I'm OK” program, exercise classes at our two hi-rise complexes, and out-of-hospital resident visitation, as needed. She participates in the monthly occupancy meeting to provide information on residents who may be transferring out of the Housing Authority and obtains information on new residents or additional needs of residents as presented by our occupancy specialists.

Our registered nurse completes a health assessment for all clients and instructs, monitors, and supervises the home health aides who provide home health services through the Congregate Program. The RN is a principal member of the Professional Assessment Committee who reviews client needs and at-risk cases attached to the Congregate Program.

The availability of a registered nurse on staff is invaluable, especially in light of the fact that public housing is no longer just “nuts and bolts;” it is fast becoming a comprehensive provider of services to meet the human needs of those it serves.

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